Transcription is a great way to capture more value from your recorded audio, such as:

  • Audience convenience: Following a transcript along with your audio, or expediting a reference back to the text is an extremely handy feature.
  • Accurate meeting records: A transcript is often more accurate and comprehensive than traditional meeting minutes.
  • Enhanced SEO: Make your audio and video files easier to find by search engines that can scan your transcript for keywords.
  • Expanded reach: By making your content conveniently accessible even in quiet environments, you can increase your listener- and membership.
  • Conversion: A transcript can be used to easily create an e-book, or other text file.

Whatever the scope, we prepare all transcripts by hand—we do not use automatic speech recognition software to do the work for us only to present you with an ill-flowing, mediocre transcript littered with inaccuracies, and filled with every um, ah, err, etc.!


Here at AVA, you can rely on good listening skills, quick typing, and an adept use of the English language. We can identify speakers, handle challenging accents, and we’re also fluent in the local dialect and slang. We provide clean verbatim transcripts, removing false starts, stuttering, and filler words for steady-flowing, distraction-free reading.


Outsourcing to AVA is a shrewd choice that will enable you to quickly and accurately transcribe audio from all forms of recordings with professional, reader-friendly results!

If you can record it, AVA can transcribe it!

  • Business meetings

  • Podcasts

  • YouTube videos

  • Conferences

  • Interviews

  • Promotional content

  • Lectures

  • Seminars

  • Phone call recordings

  • Zoom meetings

  • Webinars

  • Training videos

  • Speeches

  • And more!


With one of our reasonable, customizable general transcription packages, you can reliably obtain an accurate, searchable account of your audio content in an easy-to-read, convenient format. Designed to suit your unique needs from bare minimum basics, to hefty full coverage, or something in between, AVA has you covered.