About AVA

Allied Virtual Assistance (AVA) was launched in spring, 2021. The goal was to establish an offering of services that matched our experience and abilities, and that would help busy professionals free up time in their day for other important tasks.


Today, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to be at your service with AVA, ready to proofread, copyedit and transcribe for you so that you don’t have to. A valuable resource at your fingertips, we absolutely look forward to working with you as your ultimate ally in written and recorded communication.

Katy Wright, Proprietor

I’m a well-rounded, high achiever with experience in many areas including:

  • Administration

  • Customer service

  • Human resources

  • Management

  • Military service

  • Organizational operations

  • Parenting

  • Pet care and wellness

  • Psychology

  • Sales and marketing

  • Sports and fitness

  • Tourism

Through exposure to a variety of practices, personalities, and playing fields, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge, enhance my skills, and develop myself both professionally and personally. Valuing teamwork and communication, I also understand the challenges of balancing a busy schedule—I’ll keep you in the loop as much, or as little as you like.


I have strong written communication, listening, and interpersonal skills, and I have the professionalism necessary to meet deadlines, take direction, and respect your privacy—I undertake your tasks with the strictest confidentiality. I’m reliable, self-sufficient, organized, and I maintain a courteous, trustworthy, and easy-going approach. I’m pleased to introduce myself and AVA to you, and I look forward to working for you on your next text or audio file!


●     Capable

●     Reliable

●     Adaptable

●     Easygoing

●     Hardworking


●     Fairness

●     Honesty

●     Integrity

●     Tenacity

●     Personal growth


●      Being outdoors

●      Adventure travel

●      Hiking and exploring

●      Being around animals

●      Quality time with family


• Mount Saint Vincent University, 2012-2016

Bachelor of Arts, with distinction

• Saltus Grammar School, 1996-1997

Graduate Year program, with honours

• Bermuda High School, 1985-1996


• I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp.

• My favourite colour is blue.

• I can still do a handstand.


…responsible and diligent…

- Andrea, former pet sitting client

…reliable and trustworthy…

…no hesitation recommending…

- Rob, former pet sitting client

…super friendly and communicated well…

- Amanda, former AirBNB guest

…available to answer any and all questions…

- Danielle, former AirBNB guest

…helpful and responsive…

- Ariana, former AirBNB guest

…great communication and [went] above and beyond…

- Kevin, former AirBNB guest

…dedicated, hardworking, smart…

…does not shy away from a challenge…

- Gary, CEO at BYP

…a steady, fair and reasonable manner and a pleasant, team-oriented approach…

…no reservations to highly recommended…

- Gary, CEO at BYP